Laser diode

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The removal of the hair follicle’s with laser is one of the best solutions currently pointed out. This method has become increasingly popular, especially for the speed in achieving results and proven efficacy of treatment. It is practically painless and does not cause skin irritations or itching, providing the smooth and healthy skin feeling for much longer.

Feel comfort and long-term well-being!

What care should it take?

The care to take when doing laser hair removal are fundamental but very simple:

  • Do not expose the skin to the sun in the 24 hours before and after the session;
  • Do not do waxing or electrolysis systems in the six weeks prior to the session;
  • Avoid exposure to other sources of heat such as heaters, steam, etc. within 24 to 48 hours. It is recommended to apply a cream or lotion with soothing effect and skin regeneration.

Don't do the treatment with recent sun burn. Be responsible.